Oracle Standard Edition 2 released

Yesterday Oracle released Database SE2 (Download at OTN). There are some major changes, one can only use at most 2 sockets with a maximum of 8 cores per socket. It is allowed to use RAC witch in turn means, that each server must not have more than 1 socket. Hard partitioning using Oracle VM is allowed. 

There are many questions regarding licensing such as

  • What about migrating old SE licenses?
  • What happens to SE RAC installations utilizing 4sockets?
  • The download is for SE2 explicitly. Can I use this with old SE/SE. one license or do I need to buy new SE2?

We will see, how Oracle answers all these questions. All in all it is a major change that may not improve customer satisfaction. 

Update 02-SEP-2015

Some answers to the above questions:

  • SE One: Need to pay additional fee to get SE2
  • SE utlizing 2 sockets: No additional cost
  • SE RAC with 2 sockets overall: No additional cost
  • SE RAC with 4 sockets overall: need to reduce sockets OR upgrade to EE
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