How to mount DFS shares on Oracle Database Appliance

At first, the Oracle Database Appliance is a very nice machine in my opinion. It is easy to operate and performs very very well. But since the complete stack is set up to work as good and fast as possible, there are restrictions especially in the OS layer. The ODA is running Enterprise Linux, but one is not allowed to use yum repositories to install additional packages.
In a current ODA migration project we needed to mount a Windows DFS share for backup and restore purposes. This requires to install the “keyutils” RPM package. So, how do I do that on the ODA? My Oracle Support 1461798.1 has the answer. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. download from MOS
  2. copy to ODA:/opt/oracle/oak/odarpm
  3. extract
  4. set environment variable “http_proxy” if neccessary
  5. run “./yumsetup” which can take a while, 2.5 hours in my case
  6. get the RPM you want, e.g. “./rpmget keyutils”
  7. install the RPM “rpm -ivh /opt/oracle/oak/pkgrepos/rpms/keyutils-1.2-1.el5.x86_64.rpm”
  8. configure keyutils to enable DFS mounts, add these two lines
    • create cifs.spnego * * /usr/sbin/cifs.upcall -c %k
    • create dns_resolver * * /usr/sbin/cifs.upcall %k
  9. mount your DFS share: mount -t cifs // /mnt -o username=myuser,

That’s it. Enjoy your data transfers.